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Lowing Products has developed a new virus safety guard or sneeze guard designed for use specifically as a grip tool in the production industry. We are calling this tool the Lowing Products Production Guard. Please see pictures attached.

Our Production Guard is build using clear polycarbonate plastic with a black vinyl edging to protect users, gear and the plastic itself from damage. It incorporates a 3/8” pin on one end making it easily usable with 2-1/2” or 4” gobo heads just like a flag, a net or a cucoloris.

We offer the Production Guard in two common flag sizes of 18” X 24” X 1/8” thick and 24” X 36”. X 3/16” thick Each one is supplied with a soft duvitene slip cover to protect it from scratches. This design is convenient to store on the grip truck with other flags or go out with small packages in flag bags, etc.

These sneeze guards have already become popular with crews, production and talent to ensure a greater level of safety and comfort as production begins to ramp up. It does this by allowing more people to feel comfortable working a bit closer together in this new normal.

These new products are being offered for sale on our production Shot Bags site at our online store

We also rent them to our local production clients and have been happy with the overall acceptance in these last two weeks. I do believe these tools are helping production confidently and safely get back to work work in closer contact environments.

Quantity and resale pricing is currently available but limited due the high costs of building a quality product.


Our exact weight shot bags are well-suited for use in industrial weight testing, calibration, counterbalance applications, aeronautics, aircraft engineering, automotive engineering, as well as film, video, and still production.





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Precision Matters.

All of our shot bags are built to within a ± 0.1 oz tolerance. For special projects or applications, we can guarantee a ± 0.001 oz tolerance.

Aeronautics Testing

Organizations like NASA and Boeing trust Lowing Products’ shot bags for stress testing, calibration, and counterbalance applications. A combination of extra durable CORDURA® fabric and a stainless steel filling provide a long-lasting solution for the aeronautic and aircraft industries.

Automotive Testing

Organizations like Ford and General Motors trust Lowing Products’ shot bags for stress testing and airbag weight testing applications. A combination of extra durable CORDURA® fabric and a stainless steel filling provides a long-lasting solution for the automotive and transportation industries.

Quality Assurance

Need reliably precise weight? Each of our stainless steel ballast bags are within ±0.1 ounces of their stated weight, making them well-suited for industrial weight testing. For special projects or applications, we can guarantee ±0.001 ounce tolerance or construct custom bags to suit your needs.

Film, Video, & Still Production

Trade in your sandbags for a simpler solution. Shot bags made with a stainless steel filling are less messy than sand and our extra durable CORDURA fabric won’t tear — which means you can use them far beyond your current shoot.

Unparalled Quality Stainless Steel Shot Bags

409 Shot Bag Series

The 400-Series range of stainless steel contains an alloy of carbon steel and chromium. This is often referred to as “magnetic stainless steel” since it can be picked up with a magnet. This alloy will keep down production costs, while providing a corrosion-resistant stainless steel for harsh environments.

304 Shot Bag Series

If corrosion is an issue, it’s best to go with the 300-Series. While it’s at a higher cost point, the 300-Series stainless steel is most resistant to corrosive elements, such as saltwater. In addition, the alloy in the 300-Series contains more non-magnetizable metals than the 400-Series, meaning it cannot be moved by magnetic force and will not hold a magnetic field.

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Lowing Products’ family of ballast bags are hand-made, guaranteeing accurate measurements and an extremely durable build. With a commitment to using CORDURA fabric and stainless filling, our ballast bags will stand up under the harshest of conditions.

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