Ballast Bags for Aeronautics Testing

A Ballast Bag You Can Trust

Find and Test Your Safest Solutions

Organizations like NASA trust Lowing Products’ ballast bags when safety tests are too dangerous for humans. We offer the most precise ballast bags available, at ±0.1 oz tolerance standard, ±0.001 oz custom if requested. They’re durable, too, with abrasion-resistant stainless steel filling and abrasion-resistant CORDURA® fabric. To serve your unique needs, we offer extensive customization options, including double bagging and custom sizes, colors, and tolerances.


When laid flat, a 25 lb bag measures about 1.75” high by 9” wide by 12.25” long.


CORDURA® Plus, a nylon fabric proven to be the best for abrasion resistance, performs exceptionally well under abuse.


Stainless steel filling prevents seepage of harmful or oxidized materials, and will not mold like sand or aggregates.

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