Custom Ballast Solutions

We have spent years iterating on the design of our shot bags because we care about making the best product for you. In technical applications, we know that details matter — that’s why we obsess about getting things just right. With the capability to make custom sizes, weights, and colors, we’ll help you find your perfect ballast solution.

Our History

In the mid-1980s, Dave Lowing was a stagehand at rock n’ roll shows, hauling equipment in and out of grip trucks. He noticed that sand isn’t especially heavy and required very large bags in order to achieve the desired weight. Because real estate on a grip truck is valuable, he knew he had to find a better way.”

After a long period of researching strengths of material, he found stainless steel to be the best choice. Why? Because it has the highest specific gravity, easy availability, and is non-toxic. From there, he iterated until arriving at the products we see today: stainless steel filling, CORDURA® fabric, a reinforced handle with a box stitch, and double-double stitching in a butterfly style. Otherwise known as the best ballast bag on the market.