Ballast Bags for Sporting Accessories

A Ballast Bag That Makes Your Sport Exciting and Safe

Motor Sports

Test that balance with the most accurate, most durable, most mobile weight bag available.  Racing engineers use the Lowing Products’ ballast bags to test configurations, designs, and balance from the shop to the track.  Give it a try.


Sidecar enthusiasts love the simplicity of using the Lowing Products ballast bags to enhance the safety and fun of sidecar riding and racing.


Make wake with the Lowing Products Wakeboard Ballast!

Lowing Products shotbags are perfect wakeboard ballast: a superior tool to add the exact weight right where it is needed.

These precision stainless shotbags available in weights up to 25 pounds each, and color coded the way you want.  Lowing Products Wakeboard Ballast Bags use your choice of rust-proof 304-Series stainless shot or rust-resistant 409-Series stainless (for a lower price).  The bags are made from the virtually abrasion resistant CORDURA® nylon and are double/double sewn shut so the seams will last.

Each custom colored bag includes a stainless steel grommet for secure tie down when the going gets wild.

Our shotbags have been used regularly for over twenty years for weight testing in the automotive, aeronautic, spacecraft, and material handling industries.


When laid flat, a 25 lb bag measures about 1.75” high by 9” wide by 12.25” long.


CORDURA® Plus, a nylon fabric proven to be the best for abrasion resistance, performs exceptionally well under abuse.


Stainless steel filling prevents seepage of harmful or oxidized materials, and will not mold like sand or aggregates.