Ballast Bags for Quality Assurance

Customized and Precise Ballast Bags

Make Your Quality Check or Test As Accurate As Possible

In quality testing, an inaccurate pass or fail can mean a loss in safety, money, and time. Lowing Products can provide highly accurate weights in custom configurations, so that your test goes right the first time. Each of our stainless steel ballast bags are within ±0.1 oz of their stated weight and for special projects we can guarantee ±0.001 oz tolerance.


When laid flat, a 25 lb bag measures about 1.75” high by 9” wide by 12.25” long.


We guarantee ±0.1 oz tolerance standard, ±0.001 oz custom if requested.


CORDURA® Plus, a nylon fabric proven to be the best for abrasion resistance, performs exceptionally well under abuse.